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Here's how to make readmore menu in blogspot, to answer some questions who using Tempates for blogspot i've create last time,

Oke,follow these steps :

1-Login to your blogger account and go to dasboard
2-Clik - Layout - Setting - Format - look underside , beside "Template Posting" text ,there's an empty area, into the empty area fill with the code below
<span class="fullpost">

3-Clik - Layout - Setting - Edit HTML - Check "Expand Widget"
4-Look and find inside box codes , the code like below:


5- Delete the code above, and replace with code below :

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'>
<a expr:href='data:post.url'><strong>Readmore...</strong></a></p>

6- Click "Save" button , co saving you've mades
7- After that's when you make a posting so , at posting menu section ,click Edit HTML ,and automatically will be appear code like below:

<span class="fullpost">


8- All article will be appearing ,place before <span class="fullpost"> , and will be appear after clicking Readmore link ,placed after <span class="fullpost"> or like the example below:
Article appearing before clicking Readmore
Article appearing before clicking Readmore

<span class="fullpost">

Article appearing after clicking Readmore link
Article appearing after-clicking Readmore link


9. Finish

7 templates business

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Ch.E.M.S mengatakan...

Thanks Bro,very Nice Post
But Please tell me that i m using xml template
and there is no such type of code that you have mentioned for deleting.
so plz tell me how can make "Read More Menue" in xml template.

Tnx again

Valencia mengatakan...

Blogger used to use i or b or u. But now it's using span style or whatsoever that is. It messed up my classic blogger template that all my setting for bold italic and underline are not applied anymore. I really don't want to change the template. What should I do?

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